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The Nursing Debate: 8-Hour Shifts vs. 12-Hour Shifts

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The Nursing Debate: 8-Hour Shifts vs. 12-Hour Shifts

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The case for hour nursing shifts 1. This technique is very much like a mother bird forcing its children from the nest, over an active volcano, and expecting them to return unscathed.

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For papers primarily research-based, add about two hours to those times (although you'll need to know how to research quickly 88%(33). It is noted that a 12 hour shift does not equate with being active for only 12 hours.

CONCLUSIONS: There can be considerable extension of the person's time awake either side of the shift. However, the effects of longer term exposure to extended work days have been relatively uncharted in. Which works best depends on the facility, the type of work and, most importantly, if management has obtained employee buy-in.

Companies across America are fairly evenly divided between 8- and hour shifts: In a Circadian survey of shiftwork operations, 37 percent were using hour shifts while 34 percent were using 8-hour shifts. It’s a hotly contested one in the nursing community, with pushback from both sides.

8-hour shifts dominated a nurse’s career in the past, but the majority of nurses now work longer ones.

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