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This couple with the fact that the ratio of women to men will remain tilted in favor of men over a long period of time, the scarcity of Chinese women will mean men will have no option but to import women as they have to have their companions as well despite the policy.

China one Child Policy

Wiki About two-thirds of this million-person increase was added within the last 50 years. He concludes that although the said policy has contributed significantly to the country's economic growthit has also been somewhat detrimental to the masses.

Problem The Chinese tradition implied that there must be a boy among the children in order to continue the family. Essays, term papers, research papers related: The imperative for quick but substantial response to the problem of overpopulation required the government to implement measures that impacted the totality of Chinese society, and there was clearly a level of social equity designed in the generalized policy of China s one-child policy.

The predicted outcome was to reduce the birth rates and reduce their population, which was ultimately affecting the Chinese economy. They would either abandon the child or even worse, kill it.

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Many of these children will not be accounted for if they aren't placed in welfare agencies. The perceptions of this leniency have had limited attention, especially as families struggle to determine the efficacy of their farming operations with reproductive limitations. The One-Child Policy had been introduced as a means of birth control as the population of China was exceeding controllable limits.

Child Policy in China Button, G. Furthermore, as similarly effected by the One-Child-Policy as those unrecorded little girls, each year, many Chinese women are forced to leave their homes, and go underground to have their unlawful babies.

It should be recognized that the process of maintaining a workable population in China was difficult to perceive, but the impacts of the one-child policy have been recognizable. Evaluations of China s population control policy suggest that it is both coercive and inhumane and that it has had an wholly negative impact on the peasant populations in China Anonymous a The other economic issue that comes to light when considering this issue is the costliness of state-run welfare centers for children and their efficacy in maintaining acceptable environments for what many believe to be an unacceptable abandoned population Anonymous a Bracing for an Uncertain Future: It is Jiang Zhenghua s contention that the country s population policy was designed not to violate the rights of individuals, but to assert the necessity for control in maintaining the efficacy of the country Wandi, Summoned by a shout, [to] get up ….

Indian Journal of Economics and Business, 10 4In addition, the reduction in fish catches caused by polluted oceans, the piling up of refuse in the cities, the worsening air, and water quality, the spread of poverty, and the dwindling supply of food for the growing number of people, have all triggered scientists to urge the nations of the world to slow human population growth Piotrow, and Green C3.

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In the earlythe Family Planning Commission of China implemented the "one-child policy" as a solution for overpopulation. Many of the children that are successfully adopted often suffer from major health problems Banghan, suggesting that they are not cared for well in the adoption centers, possibly due to overburdening of staff.

In addition, the two greatest happiness every Chinese parent dreams about are having a long life, and having a child to take care of him or her when they becomes aged. Piotrow, Phyllis Tilson, and Cynthia P.

Child Han China's One Child Policy The population of China has been exploding in the last several decades, with reports of more than million people in the early 20th century alone (Smith, ). Sociology term papers (paper ) on China’S One-Child-Policy: Inthe world human population numbered billion.

Inthe global human population has doubled sinceand for the first time. The One Child Policy proved to be successful in reducing population size.

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[tags: China's One Child Policy ] Term Papers words ( pages) China's One Child Policy Essay - Introduction It is the responsibility of any government to provide for its population. It is due to this reason that family planning is becoming a major controversial.

One-Child Policy in China Fancheng Wang Professor Steven Cassedy MMW 22 A10 March 16, One-child Policy in China China’s one-child policy, one of the most controversial policies, has been intensely changing China’s social structure since One Child Policy in China.

In an attempt to stop the rapid population growth, the China government introduced the China One Child Policy. The law was established in as a population control measure. Its main aim was to enable children to have better access to healthcare and education among other benefits (Greenhalgh and Susan 15).

One-Family, One-Child Research Papers One-Family, One-Child policy in China launched in has turned reproduction into an area of direct state intervention.

China one Child Policy

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One child policy china term papers
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