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Habitat The physical and biological environment in which an organism lives, including the arrangement of food, water, shelter, and sites for rearing young. It ends when the traveller returns to Canada. During wars women are often terribly mis-treated.

Promotional literature, video, or other material that is sent in response to an inquiry. The ecosystem includes the living organisms, habitat structure, factors such as temperature, wind, elevation, etc. This name means place of crossing or ford. Estimates allow quarterly analysis at the national, provincial and tourism region level with varying degrees of precision on: A special room that is used primarily for private parties, banquets, and meetings.

The region is full of museums and heritage sites that bring this colourful past to life for visitors. Mardi Gras special interest tour: Tourism also has effects on tourists, in terms of possible attitude and behaviour changes.

Physical mutilation or circumcision was a sign that aided Jews to understand purity and being devoted to God. A measure of the variability that can be expected in sales when prices are changed.

DMC a company that provides on-the-scene meetings assistance for corporations and associations destination marketing organization: A set of shared norms and values which establish a sense of identity for those who share them.

Usually contains full trip planning information. Saint Paul was invited here and preached the Gospel to the philosophers and thinkers. The agency also restricts the entry of persons and forbidden items without legal travel documents cut-off date: This Joseph of Armathea was a disciple of Jesus'.

Often used when someone needs a display room, office, or is in-transit due to odd airline schedules. Paul taught that Gentiles need not become Jews. The consultant is sometimes a salesperson with particular expertise in escorted tour sales.

But we know it today as the famous Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. A flight that stops one or more times on the way to a destination, but does not require travelers to change planes.

The British Columbia Ministry of Transportation constantly monitors changing traffic patterns in locations around the province to improve roadway planning.

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Glossary of Hospitality/Tourism Terms ABA - American Bus Association; comprised of bus companies, operators and owners Attendance Building - Marketing and promotional programs designed to increase attendance at conventions, trade.

Glossary of tourism terms1 Tourism is a social, cultural and economic phenomenon which entails the movement of people to countries or places outside their. Tourism Glossary. In This Section. Acronyms; Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia (ATBC) Tourism Demand is defined as the spending of Canadian and non-resident visitors on domestically produced commodities.

It is the sum of tourism domestic demand and tourism exports. This site aims to promote and also rehabilitate dark tourism (DT). There has been some negative reporting in the media about DT, often on the basis of an ill understood concept of DT and/or together with bad examples that are not really representative of dark tourism.

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A calanque (French: "inlet"; Corsican: calanca, pl. calanche; Occitan: calanca, pl. calancas) is a narrow, steep-walled inlet that is developed in limestone, dolomite, or other carbonate strata and found along the Mediterranean coast.

A calanque is a steep-sided valley formed within karstic regions either by fluvial erosion or the collapse of the roof of a cave that has been subsequently.

Cabotage 1. Navigation and trade by ship along a coast, especially between ports within a country. Since the Jones Act, this has been restricted in the U.S.

to domestic shipping companies. 2. Air transportation within a country.

Tourism glossary
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